See it, Feel It and then – JUST DO IT!

It is hard to believe that I’ve become as addicted to golf as I once was to business, but I have. After having taken a twenty year hiatus from the game of golf I now play it, practice it, talk about it, read about it and I watch far too much of it on television. The other night I watched one of my favorite shows – The Golf Fix (kind of an appropriate title for me isn’t it?) The guest that night was pro golfer Nick Faldo. There was real brilliance in the simplicity of his message and teaching. He stressed the importance of a simple three-step process to hitting the golf shot to improve your performance as a golfer:

  • See it – His first point was to pause and “step back” from where your ball is and look out to what “your vision” is for your next shot. What do you really want as the outcome from your next shot? He was very clear – focus on what you want (i.e. – a perfect lie in the middle of the fairway) and not on what you don’t want (i.e. – hitting it in the water!)
  • Feel it – The second step he stressed was to move from mental imaging to muscle and mental memory. He stressed the importance of “rehearsing” your practice shots with the type of swing and intensity required to “execute your vision.” He demonstrated how most golfers take a half-hearted swing before their actual swing and challenged the audience with the question – “do you think this type of swing will deliver the “see it” vision in your mind?” The answer he was seeking was obvious – NO.
  • Just Do it – Finally, with the feeling imprinted in your mind and your body conditioned to the ideal swing he encouraged you to step up to the ball, don’t over think what you need to do, commit with confidence and then execute – or strike the ball to land in the middle of the fairway 300 yards from the tee ☺.

SO WHAT? Nick Faldo’s message and teaching methodology have a direct link to coaching others towards a better future and more powerful performance in the game of business. One thing his message clearly reinforced for me – “don’t overcomplicate the coaching process with your clients!” Keep it as easy as 1-2-3 when you are working with your direct reports or your clients:

  1. See it: Spend quality time with your clients gaining clarity on three fundamental questions: Where are they today? What is their vision for a better future? What price are they willing to pay?
  2. Feel it: Create momentum by moving from thought into action. Rehearse and create the confidence in your client through “active rehearsal”; don’t allow “half-hearted” swings – only swinging for the green is allowed.
  3. Just Do It. Finally, take action. Create the plan to move from thought to action. That is the true definition of personal power – the ability to take action. It is not about knowing more, it is about doing more. And then the exciting part – JUST DO IT!

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