Although every coaching engagement and journey is unique, the following are steps we may choose to take together:

Step 1: Connect 
An initial meeting is scheduled to confirm fit. The coaching relationship, whether individual or sponsored through your organization, is a partnership. As with any trusting and meaningful relationship, mutual fit is key in our ability to be effective. Either via phone, or if you are in the Southern California area, we can arrange a meeting in-person at a location convenient for you.
Step 2: Discover
After our first connection and we have agreed that there is a good chemistry and fit, we use two assessment tools to discover and determine the areas of focus for the coaching engagement.

Coaching Questionnaire
This nine-page questionnaire asks each client a series of self-reflective questions regarding career/coaching goals, values & principles that guide decisions, challenges currently experienced in the workplace or home, and key development areas to focus. Designed to get people thinking about what they want to create in their lives, this questionnaire also gives me the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with each client and to obtain useful client history and their longer-term aspirations and goals.

Discovery Session
During the early stages we will invest in developing a collaborative and trusting relationship. We will start our journey with a half-day connection and discovery session. This face-to-face meeting provides a unique opportunity to connect, start to build trust and begin to explore the current challenges and opportunities that will make the greatest difference at work and in your life. We will use this opportunity to drill down into the Coaching Questionnaire and determine any patterns of behavior, belief structures or barriers that may limit the client’s success. This session will start to develop a good sense of the clients desired future scenario, and start to answer the key question – “what is the desired future situation?”

Step 3: Act
Typically, we will meet every 2 weeks, for 60 to 90 minute Coaching sessions. Prior to each session, the client provides me with an e-mail about the actions they have taken since the last session, the key learning/breakthroughs and successes experienced as a result of those actions and any challenges encountered. The client also provides the specific challenge they want to tackle for the upcoming session and the desired outcome. This discipline enables me to fully prepare for each call, so that the session can be efficient and productive as possible.
Step 4: Review and Sustaining Success
At the end of the Coaching (period) an abridged version of the initial assessment is conducted to determine the impact of the process for the client being coached. The results of the assessment reinforce areas of progress and addresses areas in which changes are still required. We use this close out session to harvest key learning’s, anchor key behavioral changes and build a plan for sustainability beyond the coaching engagement.