Make Your Mark Executive Coaching

Mark’s coaching approach is a practical one. It is provided in the context of developing each client’s competence, committment and confidence that results in improved performance consistent with their goals and values. We specialize in one-on-one executive coaching for high potential leaders in the following areas:

High Potential Development

Support the development and capacity of high-potential leaders who have been identified as successors in the Talent Management process.
Help high potential new hires assimilate and engage into their new companies and cultures.
Support high potential leaders, who have been derailed for various reasons, to get them back on track while expanding their leadership effectiveness.
Mark’s coaching style follows the “Leading from Behind” coaching model he was certified in at the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. It emphasizes that highly effective coaches walk behind their clients – supporting, listening and challenging them to uncover the changes they articulate as most important to take at that moment in their journey. The clients are empowered to come to terms with the issues they need to address in order to fully commit to making the intentional changes to move forward in life and work.

The MYM Executive Coaching Package
This coaching solution package is reserved for high performing executives, committed to taking their career and contribution to the next level. This coaching package consists of the following:

  • Initial half –day planning session with each client to assess and define their primary objectives and key goals. 
  • Phone conversations, or visits, with the client’s supervisor and other key stakeholders to provide a broader context and understanding of the clients coaching objectives. 
  • Ten 60 minute coaching sessions over a five-month period.
  • Telephone and e-mail support with clients throughout the engagement. 
  • Mid-point review with client to evaluate progress, results and necessary adjustments.
  • A close-out session with each client to harvest key learning’s, anchor behavioral changes and build a plan for sustainability beyond the term of the coaching engagement.
  • Monthly e-mails of key Leadership Topics to support the client’s personal grow

This comprehensive Executive Coaching package is offered for $3,500. We look forward to the opportunity to provide the needed support to take your life’s journey to the next level. If you’re interested in taking the next step, please contact us at marklindstrom14@gmail.com

What clients say about their coaching experience with Mark:

“I can’t begin to express how uplifting the coaching conversation was for me today. All connections have been great – but today was transitional for me in terms of what I am coming to realize about myself. The things that I am doing and the changes that have been made are making a difference. They are working for me, because I see they are working for others. Thanks for being my coach!”